At some time Mokoros were the only form of transport in the Delta. Used for fishing, reed harvesting, transporting people and goods. The slim design of the craft allows it to part the lily pads and reeds as it glides through the crystal clear water, while the passengers slip into a daydream-like state, entranced by the rocking sensation and the magic of the Okavango! The guide stands at the rear of the craft, propelling the Mokoro with a long wooden pole through the water.

You’ll find out that the silence of this wilderness area actually hums with many sounds, from the chorus of insects and frogs to bird calls and the breeze rustling through the reeds. Somehow, every one of your senses becomes wonderfully alive. The tiniest creatures can be seen in colourful clarity and you can get really close to animals drinking at the water’s edge.

You could spot an exotic looking frog clinging to the reeds, Elephant at the water’s edge and Lion on the savannah all in one trip. You may even get a look at the rarely-sighted Sitatunga, a type of antelope, delicately picking its way across the knee and thigh-deep parts of this magical wetland.