Elephant Maternity Ward

By Kavi Naidoo


Honeymoon goers on our Luxury package combo were treated to an very interesting behavioral display by a herd of Elephants while on Safari in the Greater Kruger area. 


Photos below show the area completely flattened by a herd of elephants during the birth of a calf within the herd. The holes from small bushes that are removed are covered and stamped as well as grass cover removed. The actual birth spot where the Placenta is seen is on a gravel road. This was early morning before and raptors or scavengers cud get to it. During the birth taking place their is a lot of vocalization from the herd from excitement and anticipation and almost ritualistic in their behavior. Such display of empathy and emotions is not uncommon for these Pachyderms that also mourn their dead. 


An elephant’s gestation period can last for up to 22 months before giving birth to a 110kg calf that is 1,2 meters in height. 


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