Soweto shanty town tour

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Tour guide Soweto shanty townWalter, our guide for the shanty town tour actually lives in a shack in the shanty town. We were surprised by his excellent English, local and general knowledge and high level of education. He is a young man and active in local community service and projects and I could see him as future leader in politics or related field. Walter’s photo on the left.             We walk across a railway line and enter the shanty town through a gate. Soweto shanty townHere people are poor and live in shacks. Kids play normally on the streets seemingly indifferent  to the poverty an harsh conditions. Illegal electric cables criss-cross overhead. Our guide tells us they have no qualms “stealing”  from the state as promised services are long overdue.         We walk down a dusty pathway which appears to  be the main “road” flowing through shanty town. It is a busy pathway with many curious onlookers. By now they are used to seeing tourists here and they seem to welcome them, hoping it will in time improve their lives a little bit. Shanty town people Small children are happy to pose for pictures. shanty-town-child Sanitation is poor. People share portable toilets and clean themselves out of buckets. Shanty town portable toilet Shacks are small and shared by many. Sometimes 13 people live in a shack where you would expect no more than 2. There is no air conditioning here. In the summer the temperature inside the shacks feel like a desert and in winter like the South Pole. Shack in Shanty town There are no luxuries here, still people seem content, even happy. Our guide says they may be poor in money but they are rich in spirit and heart. Inside shanty town Young men play soccer in the street. Soccer in shanty town street Locals often ask for a cigarette or some money Interacting with a local in shanty town A Soweto shanty town tour is definitely an eye opener and a unique experience. It gives you another perspective of life in the poor lane. South Africa is a country of contrasts and nowhere is this more evident than in Soweto. Next: Vilakazi Street Book a Soweto Day Tour