Soweto day tour | Freedom Square Kliptown

Soweto Freedom Square | Kliptown

We drive to our next stop which is Freedom Square, aka Walter Sisulu Square, located in Kliptown, Soweto. Walter Sisulu Square is the first township entertainment center in South Africa’s and is popular with local, national and international visitors. The square offers a variety of attractions as well as trading opportunities for local vendors and shops. Here you will also find the Soweto Hotel, retail shops, commercial offices, banks and service outlets. The flea market and local vendors will ensure you get a good trade. There is always activity at the Walter Sisulu Square where township life mingles with traditional Western and even Eastern cultures. The square epitomizes South Africa’s diverse cultures and way of life and never fails to fascinate tourist and visitors alike. Below is a photo of the Walter Sisulu Square

Walter Sisulu Square Key Points of Interest at the Square Points of interest
Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto
  • The 10 pillars of the Freedom Char
  • The 9 provincial crosses
  • The Freedom Charter Monument
  • The Tshisa Nyama- braai (barbecue) area
  • The Soweto Hotel
  • The Kliptown Open Air Museum
  • The Kliptown Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Kliptown Flea Market
  • Kliptown Eco Museum
  • Buskers

Below is a picture of market activity at the square Freedom Square flea market in Soweto

The Freedom Charter Monument

Walter Sisulu Square is perhaps best known for the Freedom Charter. This historical document was drawn up by the resistance movements (the Congress of the People) during the dark era of apartheid. Today the document is the basis of the South African constitution.The freedom flame and extracts of the charter engraved in stone can be seen in the Freedom Charter Monument on Walter Sisulu Square.

Freedom Charter Monument Some key principles of the Freedom Charter
Freedom Charter Flame inside monument
  • The people shall govern
  • All national groups shall have equal rights
  • The people shall share in the country’s wealth
  • The land shall be shared among those who work it
  • All shall be equal before the law
  • All shall enjoy human rights
  • There shall be work and security
  • The doors of learning and culture shall be opened
  • There shall be houses, security and comfort.
  • There shall be peace and friendship

  The Walter Sisulu Square combines a cultural history and the spirit of freedom with the vibe of modern day township life.   After our visit to the Freedom Square and its attractions we meet our township guide who will take us on a Shanty Town tour.   Next: Shanty town tour in Soweto Book a Soweto Day Tour