Franklin University Switzerland – Group tour South Africa

Two to three times a year, a professor and a group of his students from Franklin University Switzerland visit Africa for around a week or two. During these tours they learn about Africa’s culture, wildlife, living conditions, politics, history and more. When back in Switzerland, each student is required to present his or her findings as part of their curriculum at the University. Their recent group tour in South Africa is an example of their teaching methodology.

Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University is a private liberal arts college situated in Lugano, Switzerland. The university was founded in 1969 and offers Bachelors of Art degrees and Masters of Science degrees. You will find many different cultures and populations at this university as students from 50 plus countries are enrolled. They apply a learning methodology that combines real travel and academic study into the core of the curriculum.

That is why they say at Franklin “curiosity is required”. Their mission is to go beyond boundaries and include an Academic Travel course every semester where students will visit places they have studied. This way the students get real life experience and get to see these places with their own eyes. One of these places is South Africa.

How does Safari With Us fit into the picture? 

Safari With Us is an established and fast growing Destination Management Company and tour operator in South Africa. We were proud to host our guests from Franklin University during March 2018. This was the first of many tours Franklin University will do with us.

For this group we crafted a customized tour through South Africa, visiting places such as the Kruger National Park, Swaziland, St Lucia, Cape Town and many of the hidden gems around these popular attractions. The group wanted an accommodated tour and we arranged this in collaboration with recommended hotels, lodges and backpackers.

We assigned our lead guide, Ettienne Froneman to manage and conduct the tour. He was assisted by Bianca, one of our freelance guides. The tour went well exceeding many expectations along the way. Now that the tour is complete we are pleased to share our experiences in a series of blogs.

Start of the Group Tour South Africa

Day 1 of the Franklin University Group Tour South Africa