Exploring Beauty: South Africa’s Garden Route through Tours

Beautiful Rocky Coast of Knysna along the Garden Route in South Africa

The picturesque Garden Route of South Africa is full of hidden surprises along the N2. There are so many different things one will encounter along the route. There are artist communions, golf courses, top chefs, and even some amazing wildlife in safari. Taking on of the Garden Route Tours in South Africa is popular activity to do when visiting. It allows for visitors to see many different sides of the coast.

What is the Garden Route?

The stretch of N2 in South Africa is known as the Garden Route. It runs from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth showing the varied landscape of Africa. It has long been home to artisans and fisherman who have developed unique villages along the route. Now chefs and businessmen are moving to the Garden Route.

The route is filled with different climates and land types. When touring the route there are different mountain ranges, forest types, soft coral, lake areas, ocean areas and safari spots. It is not possible to see all this tour route has to offer in one day. Most tours last on average 4-5 days and that will only show one portion of the breathtaking garden route.

A True Garden Tour

There is much truth in the name Garden Route as it is located between the Cape’s Temperate Forests and Fynbos. The Temperate Forests and Fynbos have different climates. The Fynbos is Mediterranean and the Temperate Forests is Tropical.

The Fynbos is home to over 9,000 species of plants with over 6,000 being found only in that region. It is the smallest of the six “Floral Kingdoms” in the world. The Temperate Forests on the other hand are home to more tropical plants and trees. The Temperate Forests are made up of the Knynsa and the Amatole. This diversity makes the tour of the cape a can’t miss experience.


Mix of Terrain

The route tour is not composed of just one type of terrain. There are wetlands, mountains, forests, and the semi-desert throughout the cape. The Karoo region is the semi-desert potion of the Garden Route. This region is known for its wines. Due to the different climates, it can produce many different types of wines. Besides being a great area for wineries it has the distinction of being the “Ostrich Capital of the World”.

In stark contrast to the semi-desert of Karoo is the two different mountain ranges that run through the Garden Route. The Outeniqua Mountains was the home of the Khoisan tribe. The word Outeniqua means “The Who Bear Honey” in Khosian. The range runs parallel to the coast and is home to the African Elephant and the Cape Sugarbird. The other range is Tsitsikamma. This mountain range is home the tallest bungee jump in the world. These ranges are known not just for their landscape but also for the gorgeous lagoons.

The Garden Route contains 5 memorizing lakes. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they provide a useful wetland area. The wetlands are home to indigenous birds but they also help the people who make the route their home. They provide fresh water and areas for fisherman to catch dinner and wildlife to take a refreshing drink. These lakes are also popular spots for swimming and boating lending themselves to those who are touring the cape.

The Luxury of the Garden Tours

Touring the routes of the N2 provides some amazing luxuries to visitors of the cape. The region is known throughout the world for its extensive wines. Due to the different climates along the route, several varieties of wine can be made. Visiting these wineries is a popular request for those touring the route. Not only is the wine made along the route superb but the scenery is picturesque. This combination makes it a popular stop along the Garden Route.

Along with the soothing spas located throughout the region are several internationally known golf courses. The courses feature some of the most stunning landscape and amazing locations in the world. These courses are on every golfer’s bucket list!

With the luxurious spas and golf course dotting the route it is only fitting that top chefs are also found here. These restaurants are serving amazing 5-star meals in the middle of some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. They are offering everything from local cuisine to vegetarian to modern style food. Some of the most world-renowned chefs are calling South Africa their home now due to the rising popularity of the Garden Route.

There are so many different activities to enjoy on the route. Event through these multiple day tours, visitors will want to come back again and again to experience everything through different tour options.