Pilanesberg camping safari

Camping is always a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. A group of us joined Safari With Us on a Pilanesberg camping weekend 21 and 22 December 2014. This way we could enjoy the fun of camping and also take in some great game viewing.  We arrived  at the Manyane campsite around midday. The weather was really hot and the best option was to get to  the poolside as quickly as possible.

Relaxing at pool side in Manyane resort

While we relaxed at the poolside our guides took care of the cumbersome task of pitching our tents. We were a group of 7  adults and 4 kids so there were about 5 tents to pitch. Quite a job and glad we did not have to figure out how to pitch the the tents. That is best left to the guys who know how and can do it quickly. The poolside was quite busy as the resort was packed. This is high season when many families descend on resorts such as Manyane in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. We ordered some drinks from the restaurant and cooled off in the pool. The pool area was particularly popular with the kids. There were many other kids in the resort and they were having a ball.

 An African Wedding to boot

There was even an African wedding taking place at the resort.   Not my idea of an ideal wedding but it is popular with local African communities.

Tents pitched and ready

Back at the camp site our tents were pitched and we could get ourselves settled in.   Must say the staff who picthed    the tents really know their stuff. Some members of the group decided on a late afternoon game drive when it would be a bit cooler. Some of decided  to rather partake in the morning game drive and perhaps an afternoon one as well.

Some animals come close

There was also some game  and wildlife viewing close by. Antelope at camp site Pilanesberg   A group of antelope paid a visit and a small monkey in the trees provided some some unexpected  entertainment.

Nothing beats a braai when camping

That evening we did what most South Africans do at a campsite. We made a wood fire and enjoyed a traditional South African braai. Meat on the braai     We all had a jovial time and the food was great.

Thunderstorm at night

There was quite a spectacular thunderstorm in the evening and i am just glad our tents did not get flooded.

Game drive in Pilanesberg Nature Reserve

The camping was great but to complete our Pilanesberg safari we had to go on a game drive. It is a big park and there are various roads, damn and hides. On this drive we saw two of the big 5 and many other animals. First of the big 5 was a buffalo in the distance. Having binoculars was handy. Buffalo in Pilanesberg reserve           Then we saw many of the usual animals such as zebra, giraffe and antelope.   zebra in Pilanesberg reserve             There are many hides where one can stop, walk around and watch wild life. Most of the hides are situated at dams and have walkways that lead to a look out point overlooking a dam and surrounding areas. Hide walk way           The highlight of our game drive was spotting an elephant grazing in the grass.   Though we did not spot lion or leopard this time around it was still a great outing that we thoroughly enjoyed.       A Pilanesberg camping safari is always a great experience and a super way to spend time with friends and family.