Our Lion Park Experience

Having experienced a wonderful Pilanesberg camping adventure without spotting lions our guests asked us to arrange a visit to the Lion Park in Lanseria just outside Johannesburg. They were determined to see lions even if in a zoo-like environment. One of our guests quipped “I will be quite upset if we don’t see lions here”. There about 80 lions including the rare white lions. These lions do not hunt and as such are not as muscular as lions in the wild. The Lion Park provides an opportunity see the lions really close up and this makes for great Kodak moments. Apart from lions there are also other animals such as Springbok, Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Giraffes, Ostriches, Cheetah and wild dog. The park is divided into 7 or 8 camps each of which is home to a specific group of animals or a pride of lions. The first camp is home to antelope and other herbivores. Here you can springbok, impala, zebra and other grass eating animals. Most of the camps are home to a family of lions. There is also a camp that is home to a few cheetah and one that is home to a few wild dogs.

It is easy to drive from camp to camp and we completed the drive-thru in about an hour. After the drive-thru our guests had the opportunity to pet and interact with lion cubs. There is also a giraffe feeding area which can be fun for people of all ages. The park also has a big curio shop, restaurant and convenience store. Our guests certainly took the opportunity to purchase some souvenirs and enjoy a tasty meal at the a la carte restaurant. Our guests where happy with the experience and although they did not see lions in their natural habitat, seeing lions in a zoo like environment is a good second best.

Other information.   The Lion Park is located in Lanseria, about 45 minutes drive from Johannesburg. It is open every day of the year and is a hugely popular attraction relatively close to Johannesburg. Book a lion park tour