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Jorge Otero Schmitt (Spain)-7 Day Victoria Falls Review

In general we both -my partner and I- were very happy with all aspects of organization. It is to be noted that the timeliness of diferent activities was maintained -I find it very important when travelling- and we had an accuracy of advice and help on going from Victoria Falls to Livingstone. This help was already noted on the border of Southafrica and Botswana, as we had already previously filled the forms with the help of the guide, and inconveniences at customs were those just expected and due to custom officials.

Surely the worst of those days was the lodgement just on Victoria Falls; this was not a place in which to expect any inconvenience. The other lodgements were really good, and even in a place like Elephant Sands, in which inconveniences in good lodgement could be expected were not such, but in Victoria Falls the bathrooms were outside and were communal, so we changed the room for one of higher quality in order to improve it, having a private bathroom. Inconveniences in Elephants Sands were found at night when we wanted to charge the cameras, as it was not possible to be done in the own room.

Generally speaking, the safary was a great succes, and I remain sattisfied with its organization.

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