A Kurula experience for our guests from Peru

A Kurula experience for our guests from Peru

Another amazing experience, which we like to call “The Kurula Experience” unfolded this weekend. We don’t like to give just any experience, but we like to keep up guests returning for more and this is exactly what we succeeded in.

Pick up our guests

Our guests’ journey to South Africa got off to a rough start when their flights was delayed for almost 48 hours. Luckily, Safari With Us is a hands-on team, and we managed to still keep all their bookings at our beautiful lodge secured! Our lead guide, Ettienne (because only the best is good for a “Kurula Exeprience”) picked them up just before noon and they made their way to their beautiful lodge in Greater Kruger. It was a long drive but the beautiful farmlands made for stunning surroundings and spectacular photo opportunities.

Lunch time

 They had a quick stop in Lydenburg at a proper South African restaurant called Salt and Pepper. Beers was on special so our guests spend a bit of time here(as you do when on holiday)

Arriving in Greater Kruger and into Kurula

They entered the park at around 6pm which is the perfect time to spot animals and see the nightlife coming out. Our guide, Ettienne is an excellent spotter and he managed to spot a big herd of elephants, hyenas and about 19 wild dogs. The also spotted a big herd of buffalos which is part of the Big 5.

Arriving at the lodge, they were greeted by friendly staff, a welcoming drink and also a herd of elephant drinking water right in front of the lodge.

Dinner has arrived.

After all this excitement, dinner has arrived and what perfect timing it is, as everyone is starving! A delicious dinner was served along with one amazing dessert. As you do in Africa they had dinner on the outside deck, accompanied by some hyenas (walking underneath the deck off course) After a very long and exciting day, our guests were tired and made their way to bed.

An early morning game drive

Guests had to wake up early, was served some warm coffee and rusks and was taken on an early morning game drive.

After the game drive, they returned back to the lodge, had a delicious warm breakfast and freshened up.

After the breakfast, they had some time to relax, either in the lounge with a book or in the pool with a drink.

Late afternoon/evening game drive

Just before sunset, the made ready for their second game drive of the day. This time, it is at night. They started of late afternoon and at around sunset, they stopped for sundowners and snacks in the bush. After sunset the continued with their game drive and returned back to the lodge where a delicious dinner awaited them!

A free day

On the third day of their Safari, they had another morning game drive and was allowed to walk back to the lodge with their guide. On the way back, they found leopard prints.

When back at the lodge, they were greeted by a delicious warm breakfast.

After breakfast, they made their way to Hoedspruit, a small town near Greater Kruger. Here they just enjoyed their free time and had a delicious lunch and some drinks at their local bar.

They returned to the lodge and continued with their evening game drive. They found that leopard that left them with only track on their walk this morning!!!!! Followed him for a bit, took photos and returned to the lodge for a delicious dinner.

An extra day

This was supposed to be their last day of the safari but because the enjoyed it so much, the asked for an extra day. And because Safari With Us aims to please – we made it happen!

Morning game drive took us back to a MASSIVE pack of Wild dogs, they had about 18 pups running around. The whole pack consisted of about 35 of them. These guys have a little crèche system, two of the older females takes care of the pups and keep them in a close enough( and also not to close) to the main pack. Off course we had an amazing time watching all the little ones play around.

And so a last day was enjoyed to the fullest and even sealed off with a nice thunderstorm in the distance, basically they were watching bush television. Massive lightning bolts on the horizon, what more can one ask for??

Back to Johannesburg

And so the safari unfortunately came to an end and the guests were taken back to their hotel in Johannesburg. They were very happy and is already planning their next trip and bringing their family with.

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