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Sabi Sand Game Reserve location and size

Located in the south western part of the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is part of the Greater Kruger National Park.  It is located in the south western part of the Kruger National Park where is occupies around 65000 hectares of bush-veld (about 650 sq km). There are no fences along the 50 km boundary with the main Kruger National Park and the animals roam freely. There are also no fences between the various private reserves within the greater Sabi reserve

.  Map of Sabi Sands















Sabi Sand Landscape & Climate

Sabi Sand landscape consists of bush veld, trees, grasslands, rivers and waterholes. Stunning skies complement and accent a truly beautiful landscape. This area has a subtropical climate with hot rainy summers and dry pleasant winter. The rainy season starts on October  and ends around March. The summer rains transform the arid park into a lush flowering paradise.

Sabi Sand Landscape

The dry winter season occurs between April and September. During this period the days are warm and dry and the night and early mornings are cold.  Each season has its own unique appeal but game viewing is easier during the dry period when the water is sparse and the foliage less dense.

Wildlife in Sabi Sand Game Reserve

This reserve has an immense wildlife gene pool and a safari in Sabi Sands will surely be a memorable one. There are many waterholes that attract large herds of game and these in turn attract the predators such as lion and leopard. In fact, Sabi Sands is well-known for amazing leopard sightings.

Leopard in Sabi Sand

Sabi Sands has one of the highest populations of wildlife on the continent and you can expect to see a wide variety of majestic animals such as leopard, elephant, lion prides, spotted hyena, buffalo, rhino, pangoli, lilac-breasted roller and fish eagle. The various role players have implemented an intensive and focused wild life protection program. In this way Sabi Sands provides sanctuary for many species that are at risk.

Sabi Sands is private reserve which means day visitors and self-drives are not allowed. This adds to the exclusive experiences of guests. Guests are guided by highly experienced and well-trained rangers. Rangers can drive off-roads, something that is not allowed in Kruger Main. This means it is possible to get much closer to the animals than in more commercial Kruger Reserves.

Accommodation in Sabi Sands Game Reserve

.Sabi Sand is also home to numerous luxury lodges located on private reserves. These lodges provide top-notch accommodation that will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning of guests. Great ambiance, fantastic meals, awesome activities and top class service are the order of the day.

Sabi Sand accommodation

  • Bespoke Private en-suite rooms
  • Double or twin beds
  • Air conditioning & fans
  • Hairdryers, coffee and tea facilities
  • Tea / Coffee facilities
  • TV
  • Private patio / deck
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Shaded garden / waterhole
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi Fi
  • Cell Phone Reception
  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Caring and attentive staff

These game lodges also conduct related safari activities such as open vehicle game drives and bush walks.

Book your Sabi Safari now  and experience unique game viewing from an underground hide.  

When to go to Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Each season has its own unique benefits and you will not be disappointed irrespective of when you decide to visit Sabi Sand Reserve.  Game viewing is good all year round – however the best time to view game is during the dry winter season (April -September). During this period the foliage is sparse and the bushes are thinner making it easier to spot the animals.

Since there is less water the animals tend to congregate around permanent waterholes or along riverbeds. Generally water waterholes and riverbeds attract more activity during the dry winter months and this makes for enhanced game viewing.

However you will always have an amazing experience at Madikwe irrespective of the season or time of year.

Safaris to Sabi Sand

We arrange safaris to Sabi Sands throughout the year. You will be accommodated in one of the luxury lodges, experience exhilarating game drives and have the opportunity to go on bush walks.

 You can see our Sabi Sands Safaris here

Unlike more commercialized game parks, the Sabi Sand reserve does not cater for day visitors. This makes it a more private and intimate experience. There is no self-driving in Sabi and guests have to be booked into one of the private lodges to enjoy the wildlife activities.