Safari With Us Is Now Listed As An Ethical Tour Operator

Supporting the Campaign Against Canned Hunting

Johannesburg, South Africa
Shoot Pictures, Not Animals - Ban Trophy HuntingThe Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) has officially added Safari With Us to their list of Ethical Tour Operators.

These elite few have made the commitment to only offer ethical and responsible tours to help save African wildlife from extinction. Safari With Us does not promote tours to parks that offer lion cub petting or walking with the lions as these activities are most likely associated with the canned/trophy hunting industry. A canned hunt is a hunt on animals specifically bred and raised on game ranches and kept in confined areas until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections. CACH founder, Chris Mercer, explains further: “There is no conservation value in captive bred lions. No captive bred lion has ever been released back into the wild and conservation authorities have made it clear that none will be. The harsh reality is that they are the product of factory farming. In most cases these lions will be used in a canned hunts. Their lives will end brutally and in terrible pain. If you indulge in cub petting and lion walking, then you make yourself an accomplice to one of the cruelest industries in the world. We urge tourists and volunteers to practice responsible tourism and use their dollars for good and not evil.” Safari With Us is strongly against canned/trophy hunting and not only informs guests about the consequences of lion cub petting and lion walking but also spreads awareness via social media with a loud roar! Andre Retief, Executive Manager of Safari With Us, adds: “We can’t control what our guests do on their own time, but we have found that most safari tourists are extremely concerned about African wildlife conservation and are more than happy to not engage in these activities once they are aware of the situation. Our primary goal is to offer tourists an exhilarating and educational experience of observing our majestic and precious animals in their natural environment. Promoting parks that offer lion cub petting or walking with the lions is tourist manipulation and against all conservation efforts. We support shooting pictures, not animals.

We Encourage All Tourists to Help Save Our Wildlife By: