Awesome 6 Day Kalahari Camping Safari

For the adventure traveler we have crafted a 6-day Kalahari – Kgalagadi wildlife camping safari.  During this adventure you will get really close to nature with wild animals around. This safari is not for the faint hearted or those who want luxury. You will experience the magic of the Kalahari and it does not get any closer to nature than this. This is a quality real wild life adventure. 


Tour Highlights

Kgalagadi Frontier; Kalahari magic; Unfenced & Fenced camps; Rooiputs Camp Site; Mata Mata camp site : Nossob;  Polentswa; Game drives & Bush Walks; Animal tracks; Camp fires; Upington


What's Included

  • Camping gear & equipment
  • Transport air-conditioned vehicle
  • Qulaifies and experienced driver/guide,
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Maximum game drives everyday
  • Daily bush walks
  • 1 x small water per person per day


What's Excluded

  • Flights
  • Optional activities
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Visa fees
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance


Schedule for 6 Day Kalahari Camping Safari

DAY 1:  
Early Morning Pick up and transfer Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Comfort stops on the way
Morning - Midday Game drive through park towards campsite
Afternoon Set up camp and relax
Late Afternoon Game drive
Evening Dinner and overnight
DAY 2:  
Early Morning Breakfast followed by bushwalk and free time
Evening Dinner and overnight
DAY 3:  
Early Morning Breakfast
Morning - Midday Transfer to Nossob
Afternoon Check in and relax
Late Afternoon Optional Game drive
Evening Dinner and overnight
DAY 4:  
Early Morning Breakfast followed by transfer to Polentswa via game drive and check in
Evening Dinner and overnight
DAY 5:  
Early Morning Breakfast followed by transfer to Mata Mata via game drive and check in
Evening Dinner and overnight
DAY 6:  
Early Morning Breakfast followed by transfer to Upington with various stops
Evening Dinner and overnight



Day by Day Itinerary for 6 Day Kalahari Camping Safari

Day 1: Rooiputs camping only

We pick you up at 8h30 from an agreed location (in and around Upington) and depart to the Rooiputs camping grounds in the Botswana side of Kgalagadi (300km)


IMPORTANT: This is an unfenced camp, with no water to shower and long-drop toilets. Animals can walk freely between our tents and we might have lions, leopard, heyena and jackals as guests. We make camp after arrival, have lunch and a short rest. We then go on a game drive and afterwards we enjoy dinner under the stars. We might have a lion as dinner guest, but this is not a problem as you have an experienced guide to handle the situation. Should you need to visit the toilet during the night your guide will accompany you.

Overnight: Rooiputs camp – unfenced


Day 2: Rooiputs camping only

We wake up at first light and enjoy coffee around the campfire. Today your guide will take you on a morning bush walk to explore animal tracks and experience the thrill of a real bush walk.


The animal tracks tell a lot about what happened the night before. Many times the predator tracks will be around your tent, and we will show you which animal it was, male or female. Please note animals are not dangerous when we obey some basic rules. We explore the area on foot, learning from your guide different plant- and insect species, even the tracks of scorpions can be seen and explained by your guide.

Overnight: Rooiputs camp – unfenced


Day 3: Nossob camping or chalets

We pack up and depart on a game drive north in the dry Nossob river bed towards Nossob (120km) This is the time to see Gemsbok – the ‘prince’ of the Kalahari, as well as Hartebees, Springbok, Wildebeest and maybe even predators. The suricate and it’s smaller friends – the Ground squirrel and Mongoose can often be seen. On arrival at Nossob you can choose if you want to camp in a tent, or enjoy the luxury of a chalet.

Optional night game drive with open vehicle to see the nocturnal animals usually not seen during the day. We spend the day doing several game drives, visiting waterholes, or just relaxing at the swimming pool or game hide.

Overnight: Nossob camping or chalet – fenced


Day 4: Polentswa camping only

Early morning departure north to this unfenced camping ground (60km)

IMPORTANT: This is also an unfenced camp, with very basic facilities – like Rooiputs. The great thing of these camps are the fact that they bring out the magic of the Kalahari, making you feel much closer to nature.

We spend our time doing several game drives, driving up to the very north of Kgalagadi – Union’ End, or down towards Nossob. This is prime predator area, and if we are lucky we might see the big cats, or if we are really lucky the big cats will visit us at Polentswa. Again your guide will handle the situation, as we have been doing this tours for many years.

Every morning we do a walk to inspect the animal tracks around our camp. Many times the Leopard visits us, most of the time the only evidence will be his tracks in the Kalahari sand.

Overnight: Polentswa camping – unfenced


Day 5: Mata Mata camping or chalets

We wake up one hour before gates open, pack up and drive over the Kamqua dune road to Mata Mata on the Namibian side of Kgalagadi (210km) Today we are searching for the Giraffe, one of the loveliest animals of the Kalahari. A game hide at Mata Mata is available, with a spotlight shining on a waterhole. Late afternoon arrival at the camp, and you can decide to camp or stay in a comfortable chalet.

Optional night drives with an open truck is available.

  • Overnight Mata Mata camping or chalets – fence


Day 6: Return to Upington

Pack up one hour before gates open and depart south until we reach the Museum at Auchterlonie, where we will have lunch at an unfenced picnic spot. Here you can visit a museum to see how the old farmers lived before the Park was proclaimed. Game drive until Twee Rivieren, where we check out of the Park and drive to Upington. Tour ends at your hotel or drop off location.


Valid Between Pax Price Per Person Single Supplement Children Under 12, per child
24 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024 2 $ 985 - -