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Entering the Kingdom of Swaziland – Day 5 & 6

On the fifth day, they departed from Kruger National Park to The Kingdom of Swaziland. It is named the Kingdom because Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy in Africa and is currently ruled by King (Ngwenyama) Mswati III. The students and the professor were just absolutely spoiled by the beauty of this country. From the beautiful mountain ranges to the inspiring infrastructure to the proud culture of the Swazis. Not one bored moment – without a doubt! On their way to their accommodation, they visited Swazi Candles where all the candles are handmade and visitors are encouraged to interact and watch the artists perform their magic. The students also had the chance to visit a traditional Swazi village where they learned more about this culture and had the privilege to where traditional Swazi clothing. The Swazis is a very proud culture so wearing their traditional clothes is truly an honour.

Buhleni Farm Chalets – accommodation in Swaziland

Their accommodation for the next two nights was Buhleni Farm chalets. The entire farm is full off avocado trees, citrus trees, chillies, pecan nuts and all kinds of other trees. The self-catering wooden chalets are set between lush, gorgeous, well established gardens. They also have horses grazing around. They have a rescue dog and the story of how they found him is extra funny and special. Children came to swim in the river and steal some of the pecan nuts, where the dog decided to join them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he couldn’t fit through the fence when the children ran away, after the owners spotted them. The owners found the poor dog in the garden soaking wet and took him in, naming him Whiplash because of his massive and long tail.

Sibebe Peak

On the second day in Swaziland, the students roughed it up a bit by doing a hike up Sibebe Peak. This is an amazing experience! Sibebe Peak is the second largest monolith (single, massive stone or rock) in the world and the largest exposed granite pluton (rock formed through the cooling and solidification of lava). It is a beautiful walk with so much to see!

Safari With Us – we care

Because Safari With Us cares so much about our clients, and want to go the extra mile to make them feel special, we decided to have dinner at Spur and spoil the students with a nice meal as it was one of the student’s birthday. Spur is known for giving extra attention to clients, if it is their birthday! This lucky lady receive a free ice cream with sparkles. Everyone had a good and fun evening together!

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