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For people who prefer to fly to the Kruger National Park

How it works

  • You let us know which Kruger safari you want to go on
  • You also let us know from where (and when) you want to fly-in to Kruger Park e.g. Johannesburg, Cape Town etc
  • We advise you about  which airlines to choose from and how to book your ticket online
  • We give you approximate costs of airline ticket
  • We advise which airport near Kruger Park to fly to
  • We advise you approximate transfer time from the Kruger Park airport to the lodge in Kruger
  • You then book your own ticket online just as you would for any other flight
  • We meet you at the fly-in airport
  • You enjoy your safari

You may decide whether you fly-out or transfer overland after your safari. We always suggest overland as we visit the magnificent Blyde River Canyon on the return journey.