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Experience Africa: Ethical African Safaris & Adventure Tours


SO, you've always wanted to visit Africa to experience an unforgettable and ethical African Safari Adventure? Well, you've come to the right place!

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We are an ethically responsible safari tour operator, located directly in Johannesburg, South Africa. We've personally been on each and every standard tour we offer to ensure that the parks we promote and tour guides we hire are all about tourist satisfaction and wildlife conservation.

Observe majestic animals in their natural habitat without fear of harming them or their environment - or yourself for that matter! Add more excitement to your vacation with a breathtaking adventure, such as scuba diving in Mozambique's Barra Reef, taking a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls in Zambia, ziplining in the Tsitsikamma Forest or sandboarding on the Atlantis West Coast Dunes. City sightseeing tours, dancing with the locals and relaxing sunny beaches are also on the agenda! That's not all though...

Travel in (your) Style

What kind of traveler are you? Luxury, comfort or rustic? Whatever fits your style, we will find the perfect accommodations for you. The sky's the limit - literally, if you want to sleep in a tree house, no problem! If you want luxury and pampering no problem! If you want to experience adrenaline pumping bush walks, no problem! We cater to couples, small groups, larger groups as well as single travelers.

Roaring Lion on Safari Tour

Let us help you plan the vacation you've been longing for!

To get an idea of the dream vacation that awaits you, watch the videos and browse through the featured tours below.

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This is How We Experience Africa

Why Book with Safari With Us?

  • We only offer safe tours to ethically responsible parks and sanctuaries
  • Professional service and fast response right from the start
  • Best price guarantee: You won't get a better price from any of our partner lodges or operators
  • Our tour guides are educators and entertainers
  • We make sure your booking and related arrangements are well organized and you are well prepared for your trip
  • We offer a variety of trips to satisfy all kinds of tourists (wildlife, adventure, eco)
  • We can craft custom tours for you
  • Our reviews speak for themselves

Beach Boma in Mozambique

Tanzania Local Tribe

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View from top of Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town