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Some Rare Endangered Species in Africa you Should See Before they Become Extinct

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We all know that Africa is hub of wildlife. Animals like Giraffe, African Elephants, and Zebras are common in this continent but there are some rare species while are likely to get extinct.
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Small Island in the Okavango Delta

Observing Okavango Delta from the Air

One thing I clearly remember is being in awe about the beauty and vast open space. We didn't see the end of it, but no wonder, the Okavango Delta is the world's largest inland delta and covers an area of more than 15,000 km2 and get this, it is visible from space!
Mokoro tour along the Okavango Delta

My African Adventure: Mokoro Ride along the Okavango Delta Tour in Botswana

I think my favorite day of this entire trip was when we went out on the Okavango Delta in a mokoro boat. As soon as we set off, I slumped into pure relaxation and just took it all in. It was SO peaceful. Read more about our Okavango Delta Tour and view several images I took...
Baby Elephants playing in the mud at Kruger

The 5th Day of my African Adventure | Kruger National Park

After spending 2 days in Balule Private Game Reserve near Kruger, it was time to move on closer into the Greater Kruger area. AND change accommodations. We arrived at our treehouse early that evening and went on a Kruger safari early the next morning.
Our first giraffe sighting in Africa

The First 2 Days of my African Adventure | Johannesburg & Balule

The first 2 days of our African safari adventure were relaxing, emotional and extremely memorable. Maybe it was the amazing African sunset or our first elephant sighting during our sunset game drive, or even the yummy pap we ate at our first traditional African braai. I even made...
Souvenir shopping for handmade gifts in South Africa

My Final Day at Kruger: African Bush Walk and Goodbyes

One particular highlight of the walk was listening to the monkeys letting out loud alarm signals across the bush. Reinhard mentioned it could be one of three things: a python, wild dog or leopard. As we continued, the cries got louder and then eventually died down.
2,353km of traveling for the first two legs of my Southern African vacation.

How to Plan a Trip to Africa

How did I Plan a trip to Africa? I only had 3 weeks. The first thing I did was prioritize destinations into 3 categories.
What vaccinations I need for my trip to Africa

Immunizations: What do I need for Africa?

Jessica starts her journey in almost 2 weeks! Read about what she went through to get her vaccinations...
South Africa is on your bucket list?

The Safari Hat

Welcome to 'Jessica in Africa' - an online journal about Jessica's (Safari With Us' Content Marketer) upcoming trip to South Africa starting in one month! Today, she wants to tell you about my new safari hat.
White Rhino at Kruger

The Best Way to Visit Kruger: In a Group & Prepared for Any Weather

Kruger is such a vast space and spending the entire day driving around, intensively staring into the bush for hidden animals is more mentally exhausting than what I had ever imagined. But ... well worth it!
Sneaky Little Monkey at Tremisana, Kruger National Park

My 4 Hour Bush Walk Adventure at Kruger National Park

As we were driving along, Rex shouted at Murray (our guides) to slow down and right next to the track was a small pack of lions. The male was peering out behind a termite mound, whilst a couple of youngsters who were about a year to 18 months old were playing around waiting for...